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Welcome Your Emotions … They Won't Bite

In a world that often encourages us to put on a brave face and stifle our emotions, the journey of welcoming our feelings becomes a powerful act of self-discovery, authenticity and bravery. 

Learning how to welcome all emotions without identifying with them or buying into the stories the mind may create, is challenging. 

We tend to label some things as good and others as bad and try to avoid the 'bad' feelings, but:

  • What if these so-called bad feelings actually aren’t what we think they are when they are experienced?

  • What if they are just information that let us recognize an old pattern?
  • What if when we try to avoid certain feelings, they actually imprison us?

We need to ask ourselves these kinds of questions!

When we acknowledge, understand, and let go, it's an invitation to confront our emotions, recognizing that they are not adversaries but messengers from our inner selves.

The fear surrounding emotions often stems from a misunderstanding of their origins. By accepting that emotions come from our ego, we dismantle the illusion that acknowledging them makes us vulnerable or weak.

The act of ignoring or suppressing emotions only leads to a façade that distances us from our true selves. Embracing emotions involves acknowledging their existence and dispelling the notion that pretending they are not there serves any purpose.

By recognizing your emotions and understanding their purpose, you will be able to move closer to your inner peace.


Our ego, though seems protective, can cloud our perception of emotions, and our true identity.

Understanding that emotions often arise from the ego's attempts to safeguard our identity allows us to untangle their intricate web.

A crucial step in the process is recognizing our emotions without judgment. Each feeling, whether positive or challenging, carries valuable information. Reflecting on their origins and the messages they convey deepens our self-awareness.

Understanding the Ego's Role

Breaking the Cycle

Continuously pretending that emotions don't exist creates a cycle of internal discord. Breaking this cycle involves acknowledging, understanding, and then consciously choosing not to be controlled by the negative aspects of our emotions.

Remaining in the cycle of negative emotions by continuously talking about them is a subtle form of avoiding because it keeps them at a distance, rather than looking at them. Some of these tendencies of avoiding can become very sneaky, even to ourselves.  As we accept ALL of what comes up, without judgment or identification, over time we will feel better. 

We have to be willing to fully surrender to the emotion, not indulge in it or avoid it but just simply allow it.

Tools for Emotion Management

Equipping ourselves with tools like Tapping, mindfulness, grounding, self-reflection, yoga, meditation, among others, enables us to manage our emotions effectively. 

These tools serve as allies in the journey towards emotional freedom.

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