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EFT … Also known as ‘Tapping’

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it really does just that!

It is a form of acupressure, just like acupuncture, with the difference being that we don’t use needles. 

We tap with our fingers on specific meridian channels, while we focus on a current problem or issue.

Meridian channels are the basis of the ancient Chinese medical system of acupressure, and are the energy channels that carry the vital force to the organs and other systems of the body. 

Basically, what we are doing with Tapping is changing the emotional charge that we could have built for years, or even decades (blocks/resistances), that we attached to fears, limiting beliefs, behaviours, memories or more, and we are not even aware of them! 

When we are experiencing any negative emotional state - angry, upset or fearful -  our brain goes on alert mode, what we know as fight-flight or freeze response. At that moment, our whole body’s defence system are turned on to support either fighting, fleeing or freezing from the danger. Our adrenaline pumps, our muscles tense, and our blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar all rise to give us extra energy to meet the challenge. 

When we are being chased by a bear, that response is exactly what we need to secure our survival!

Your 3 Choices!

External Threat!

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When we are stimulated by any external experience that we could perceive as a trigger, for instance, “my 4th grade teacher told me that I had a funny accent during my presentation in front of the class, and EVERYONE LAUGHED AT ME”. As an adult, if I have to speak in front of people, I consider it as a threat (because of my experience in 4th grade) and my brain goes on alert mode, ready to meet "the danger" of speaking in front of people, because I remember "the consequences" and I don’t want to feel that way again!

What Tapping does, with amazing efficiency, is halt the fight-flight or freeze response, and reprogram the brain and body to act and react, differently, more at peace and calm. 

We want results, and generally speaking, the best way to get results is changing our: 


  • Feelings or

  • Beliefs or 

  • Behaviour

We first need to identify our fear, and then lower it down, so we can feel safe to move forward; other way, we will move 'heaven and hearth' to stay stuck where we are because it is 'safe' for us. 


Tapping is a wonderful way to work with those layers (blocks) that keep us separated from what we want to achieve.

"If you're going to clean the house, you have to see the dirt"
   By Louise Hay

If you aren’t clear on what is stopping you (your blocks), you will move heaven and earth to avoid moving forward because of your underlying fear that you are not aware of!

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