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All the answers you need

are already within you...

Let's work together to find them! 


"The light in you is all I see"   
   by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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What is Tapping?  
    (Video in Progress)

What People are Saying... 

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Founder of School for A Course in Miracles
Lyn Corona

"Javiera, along with her skill in EFT and as an interviewer, is gifted at ferreting out, lovingly and gently what we have kept hidden from ourselves. After all, blocks can’t be let go until they are seen as blocks and unwanted by their owner.

At the end of my sessions with Javiera I felt lighter, I could see more clearly, and there was absolutely no struggle in the process. In fact, peace was restored to my awareness, not “by” anyone other than me letting go of some block to love’s presence.  

I think the process is brilliant and I want to endorse it as a way that can be useful as guided self-inquiry."

Certified and Accredited by

The World's Leading Professional EFT Organisation
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