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Welcome!  And thank you for being here! 


My name is Javiera, and for almost 10 years I’ve been using tapping to help myself.


Mother of three beautiful daughters, life has taught me that in order to be a good role model for them, I have to start with myself and teach by my own example, not through my words.


Because I was trapped in my pain for years, I wasn’t

able to access the part of myself that is resilient and

wise. Blaming and feeling a victim was my coping

mechanism until, finally, I couldn't go on pretending

that this worked for me. 

No matter what I tried, I was feeling worse. It was only when I realized that I needed to do something different with me, that I started my journey. I needed to heal my heart.


Does this sound familiar to you?


  • You know what to do BUT you procrastinate and feel guilty about it!

  • Feeling emotional and physically devastated because you don’t like what you are currently doing?!


  • Don’t know what to do, nothing fulfills you, and getting out of bed is a challenge?


Having experienced serious traumas in my childhood, I can now see the huge impact that this can have in our decisions today, and the thing is, we are not even aware of it!


If you want to get more from life, you need to heal and switch your old patterns, if not, you’ll get the same results all over again.


I know that the healing process is NOT easy, but it is the ONLY way to truly find inner peace.


I now honour, respect, and feel so deeply grateful for all of my experiences, that my mission today is to help people to find their own answers, and connect with the whole and perfect beings that we all are.


EFT and ACIM (A Course in Miracles) have been the best combination in my journey.  ACIM aims to ”remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence” and tapping is a wonderful tool to guide us to that loving presence that is in all of us, in a very gentle and safe way.


Having a background in journalism, I can say that I have NEVER felt so much appreciation and a deep sense of purpose, as I feel now after a Tapping session with a client. There are no words to express that feeling of well being, that satisfaction of being helpful to another person that would be in pain or lost, and the deep knowing that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing for the rest of my life! And I feel honoured to commit to this amazing task.


Today, my purpose/mission/favourite thing ever is to help people connect to their inner wisdom and heal through EFT.


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I am Certified & Accredited by EFT International

The World's Leading Professional EFT Organisation

Anxiety isn't something that only happens in your mind...

Your whole body experiences it. 

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